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•  Overview
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•  Benefits/Advantages of Outsourcing
•  Why outsource to India
•  Legal Outsourcing Services offered by us.
•  Advantages of our outsourcing services  

The decision to outsource is often made in the interest of lowering firm costs, redirecting or conserving energy directed at the competencies of a particular business, or to make efficient use of worldwide labor, capital, technology and resources.


Outsourcing involves transferring and sharing management control and/or decision making of a business function to an outsider supplier, which involves a degree of two way information exchange, coordination and trust between the outsourcer and its client. India is emerging as the strong player in the field of legal process outsourcing. According to NASSCOM, estimates of current addressable market potential for legal services outsourcable from the US alone are pegged at 3 - 4 billon US dollars. It is estimated that only 2-3 percent of the potential market is trapped so far.

According to reports, Canadian lawyers too have started outsourcing legal work to India . India has been referred to in International business publications as global counsel because of its massive potential.

According to a recent NASSCOM study, MNCs, International law firms, publishing houses and legal research firms are seeking specialized legal knowledge processing services from India . This is a big opportunity for India , which churns out close to three lakh law graduates every year.

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Outsourcing to India

India has huge potential in legal outsourcing with a lot of jobs in the field increasing to 79,000 by 2015. Outsourcing would reduce costs for US customers up to 75%, as the rates for Indian legal workers are about 15 to 25% of their American counterparts and the time zone differences between India and the USA allows for overnight and 24X7 operations.

Outsourcing, off shoring, and offshore outsourcing

Note that "outsourcing," "offshore outsourcing," and "off shoring" are used interchangeably in public discourse despite important technical differences. To be consistent, "outsourcing," in a corporate context, represents an organizational practice that involves the transfer of an organizational function to a third party. When this third party is located in another country the term "offshore outsourcing" makes more sense. "Off shoring," in contrast, represents the transfer of an organizational function to another country, regardless of whether the work stays in the corporation or not. In short, "outsourcing" means sharing organizational control with another organization, or a process of establishing network relations within an organizational field. "Off shoring," on the other hand, represents a relocation of an organizational function to a foreign country, not necessarily a transformation of internal organizational control.

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Benefits/Advantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing may have started as a way to cut costs, but outsourcing is now embraced by executives for another reason-it gives them more control over business outcomes.

By outsourcing your work to some other company you'll have more control over your business results, the most important being the ability to plan. It'll allow your company to implement strategies and change at a faster and more controlled rate.

It is apparent that many organizations today are making the decision to outsource. In today's global marketplace outsourcing has made itself accessible to many organizations on a National and International level. Offshore outsourcing has provided many businesses with the opportunity to harvest the benefits of lower labor costs and to exploit the value of less than par foreign currencies. . Outsourcing is also successful in increasing product quality and/or substantially lowering firm and consumer costs (e.g. increases the quality to cost ratio). Because outsourcing allows for lower costs, even if quality reduces slightly or not at all, productivity increases, which benefits the economy in aggregate. Outsourcing can also present advantages to non-Western states. "Developing" countries, such as China or India , benefit from the patronage of companies that outsource to them - in terms of increased wages, job prestige, education and quality of life.

Some of the major advantages that today's organizations can expect to obtain through outsourcing include the ability to purchase intellectual capital, to focus on core competencies, to better anticipate future costs, to lower costs. Overall outsourcing is viewed by many organizations as a strong business tactic that ultimately is a superior economical approach to developing products and services

Indian lawyers have an advantage as far as getting work from UK or US, as both our and the American systems are based on the British legal systems. In addition to this lawyers in India charge a pittance in comparison to their US counterparts where legal services are billed at a whooping$125-150 per hour. In India , the same job costs $20-30 per hour.

Total spending by top law firms in United States

The static's justifying that almost 45% of the entire spending would be outsourced to the world.

Category Annual Spend (US$BILLION) Share of Total Spend (%)
Office operations 6.2 31.1
Litigation Support 4.9 24.6
World processing and Secretarial 2.9 14.6
Information Systems 2.5 12.6
Marketing 0.85 4.3
Legal research 0.62 3.1
Accounting 0.50 2.5
Library 0.50 2.5
Legal recruiting 0.35 1.8
Human Resources 0.20 1.0
Patent Prosecution 0.40 2.0
Total 19.92 100

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WHY Outsource to India
India is one of the preferred destinations for offshore legal services.
Following are the reasons justifying India 's candidature as one of the most sought after countries for offshore legal outsourcing; -

  • Education System
    The Indian education system provides unique blend of legal knowledge and communication skills. It is due to the education system that India has, and is producing one of the most talented legal professionals in the world today. One more reason is that both the Indian legal systems and the US legal systems are based on the same patterns as that of their British counterparts.

  • 24 X 7 Working Advantage
    This is one of the best advantages that companies have, when they outsource their work to India . Work would never stop for them. When people in America sleep, Indians work and vice versa. This ensures the important assignments can be completed in a time bound and effective manner.
  • Top Quality resources and man power at the most effective prices
    Indians are undoubtedly the most effective and talented manpower in the world. In India , one gets best of brains, at most competitive rates. The greatest advantage with Indians is their communication skills. India has second largest number of English speaking people in the world. Indians are respected and acknowledged for their skills round the world. Another great quality that people in India have is adaptability. They are open to change, always willing to learn. Indians are open to cultures, this makes Indians cordial people to work with.  
  • India enjoys the confidence of global corporations
    India is ranked as the first choice for legal outsourcing. India outsource high quality brain power with legal and analytical ability to meet the needs of the US and UK Customers.

  • India Offers Multiple Advantages
    Outsource to stay competitive. Leading companies worldwide realize that to maintain stay ahead, they need to reduce costs, provide the best quality, use the latest skills, and be reliable and innovative.

  • India has state-of-the-art technologies for total solutions
    Offshore assignments have moved up the value chain - from data entry to large and complex turnkey projects of 200 to 300 person years.
Applications include:
  • E-Commerce
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • System Migration
  • Maintaining Legacy Systems
  • System Integration
  • CBI Application

"India, US sign deals worth US $6 billion "

"India bid to boost to bilateral economic ties, with Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee in the US, India and the US have signed five commercial deals worth US $6 billion for projects in power, e-commerce and banking sectors."

  • India has a stable government and is one of the world's 10 fastest-growing economies

Fifty years of democracy
Indian service sector contributes a massive 51 per cent to India 's GDP.
Excellent investment potential: India ranked third in Asia , just after Japan and China , in terms of investment potential for the next 10-year period in a study by the Export-Import bank of Japan.
Privatization of the infrastructure sector
A convergent network is being created by the intertwining of the ISP, Telecom, VSAT, Cellular and networking sectors. India 's large business houses and Public Sector Units are working towards creating greater bandwidth availability.

  • Tax Benefits
    By selecting the right LPO destination companies can save up on taxes in turn saving on costs.
  • Concentration on core business areas
    By outsourcing their back office operations businesses can concentrate on their core competencies while their back office operations are being managed smoothly by a specialized third party company in India .
  • Increased Productivity
    By employing skilled manpower in larger number at lower costs companies can really increase their productivity. This in turn would result in better customer satisfaction and increased profitability.
  • Beat Competition
    In today's fast paced global economy a company needs to provide high quality services to its customers in order to retain them, as well as provide the services for cheap prices. Outsourcing in this case can help them a better market position or even a competitive advantage.
  • Outsourcing can help you share risk
    In investing its best to diversify your portfolio rather than put all your money in one stock. By spreading your risk, it'll help you reduce your total risk. As for example take that if the whole market goes down, you'll lose no matter what you do. But if one company makes serious mistakes, the rest of your portfolio may still do well if you have outsourced your work to that company.
  • Outsourcing can help develop your internal staff
    If you are outsourcing your work to some other company, your internal staff will be free to pursue new developmental opportunities thereby benefiting towards the professional growth of the company.

•  Legal Research
•  Legal publications
•  Medico-Legal Support
•  Proof Reading
•  Contract Drafting
•  Contract review and monitoring
•  Document Review & Litigation Support Services
•  Document review for due diligence
•  Patent drafting
•  Simple filings
•  Paralegal
•  Other related services  

Advantages of our outsourcing services
Other provides outsourcing, we provide smarter outsourcing services. We have in our staff lawyers who are trained in common law. We do not compromise on quality. We take care of concerns like data security. We provide the best services at the best possible cost without compromising on quality.

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